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Peoplecart has strong technical, commercial and HR/ organizational background with work experience of more than 45 years together. Peoplecart modules makes organizational / sub group level social interactions structured and effective in achieving desired team engagement and objectives. We have signed up extensive list of retail partners for delivering best in class recognition &rewards experience
EcoVillages.IN provides getaway/ weekend homes in an ecologically responsible format. Eco highlights our approach to real estate development comprising of 3 main elements – organic farming, eco-friendly design & construction and local development. Villages signify our selection of project locations to be within 60 MIN time distance from urban centre, well connected -- not too far and not too close (optimized for appreciation of value/investments). IN refers to our buyers/ community members and all other stake holders that are part of this initiative.
For corporates, Askyourdeal provides solutions for procurement at minimal / additional cost. Askyourdeal is member-only deals site for all products such as electronics, cars, furniture and office procurement. Save on every Rupee that you spend, EVERY!!! Members can ask any product AT THEIR BEST BARGAINED PRICE, and BY LAST POINT OF DETAIL AND CUSTOMIZATION and get BETTER THAN BEST MARKET PRICES within 24-48 hours. Members earn additional reward points that can be redeemed at FULL VALUE for purchase of vouchers or for buying other deals on the site.
Bigvoucher provides platform for generating Evouchers , managing/ selling/ assigning them to customers along with with POS / OTP validated redemption. You can outsource voucher management to us including design, generation & validation.
In recent years SMILINE DENTAL HOSPITALS has established an excellent reputation as THE BEST Dental Hospital. With a treatment philosophy that closely shadows those found at many of the world's top Dental clincs, the SMILINE DENTAL HOSPITALS is dedicated to provide the best Dental treatments available. The eminent and competent teams of dedicated doctors at Smiline work with a common goal to help patients achieve and maintain the incredible, attractive, healthy smiles that they have always wished for. The team together brings in more than 200 man years of experience in dental care, and has earned an enviable reputation of running the best dental practice in Hyderabad, and India.
Gem Plaza is a jewellery house based in Jaipur since 1988. Here each article is exquisite and pure, intricate in fragility yet bold in its artistry; identifiable to the commoner yet has dignity that befits royalty. Since its very foundation, Gem Plaza has been pioneer of handcrafted jewellery and a synonym for exquisite craftsmanship. Our complete jewellery is manufactured in a state of art factory spread over a 10,000 sq.ft area situated at the Export Promotion Industrial Park in Sitapura. Along with employing 150 specialized craftsmen and a team of experienced designers, the entire production process starting from designing untill the final polish is done in-house. Gem Plaza believes in fair trade practices and hence only conflict-free stones and diamonds are sourced for our jewellery. Beautiful jewel pieces leave our portal everyday to reach many delighted customers and our collection can also be spotted in various exhibitions. We have a fun sense of colours and know how to turn each piece into a true statement, never forgetting that jewellery should have a soft, feminine and an elegant side...!
Sidewalks of the World is a home right here in Mumbai for unique and exclusive art, artifacts, curios, home décor and furniture you will probably not find elsewhere in India.Sidewalks of the World is a medley of wonderfulness, much like a stroll across promenades and by-lanes of the fashion and the cultural capitals of the world.
Novast Holdings Ltd., is a United States FDA-inspected multinational pharmaceutical company with business units based in the United States and China. We have a strong focus and proven record on design and development of difficult formulations containing challenging APIs for worldwide markets. Our strategy is to collaborate with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to develop and commercialize products for regulated markets. We provide product development services utilizing our extensive expertise and experience in novel technologies and drug delivery systems and commercial manufacturing. Novast is unique within the pharmaceutical industry in China with unmatched drug development expertise, technologies, experience, quality systems and infrastructure addressing a wide array of research, development and manufacturing needs.
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